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This is elegant tourism, with a love of quiet and a touch of sophistication, the romance of enchanting emerald-green hills and bluest sea on the Italian Riviera, Riviera del Levante. From seacoast villages and hill hamlets, visitors explore the enchanting landscapes of Sestri Levante and the Golfo del Tigullio.
Parks and natural preserves, ancient abbeys, and delightful villages constellate the surroundings Hotel Miramare, and crown it with colors, perfumes and the most pleasant of stays in a hotel at Sestri Levante. We suggest just a few of the most beautiful and poetic places; all the information on places, itineraries and curiosities of Tigullio, will be available on your arrival at Hotel Miramare.

PORTOFINO, PARAGGI, LA CERVARA, SAN FRUTTUOSO (at a quarter of an hour from Hotel Miramare)
In a boat or along the coastal roads, arriving at Portofino is always exciting. Beautiful and exclusive, a little jewel nesled between the mountains and the sea, it is the capital of the natural park and protected marine area, both of which can be visited on paths from which you may enjoy a breathtaking view, or by boat, leading you to explore marine flora and fauna marine and glimpses of cetaceans.
Just before Portofino, coming from the Hotel Miramare, you will see Paraggi, a small, delightful bay bathed by a crystalline sea, and just beyond Portofino, the Cervara and San Fruttuoso bear witness to the most ancient art and faith of the Riviera di Levante: enchanted places, rich in history and spirituality.

CINQUE TERRE (half an hour from Hotel Miramare)
Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are the sea and hill villages that define, with their green foreground and cobalt sea, the Cinque Terre. An infinite landscape of marvels, colors, and perfumes always enchants travelers admiring that section of Liguria from Punta Mesco to Punta di Monte Nero. Villages clustered on the hills, enchanted beaches, marine hamlets: in a stay at Hotel Miramare in Sestri Levante a visit to National Park and the Marine Preserve (World Heritage of Humanity – Unesco) are not be missed.