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Our Seafood Restaurant on Bay Of Silence

Dining with your feet immersed in the sand, listening to the stories that the waters, crashing ashore, tell each night in a whisper. Watching the sun slowly approaching to kiss the horizon, holding in hand a glass of a perfectly chilled Vermentino from our wine cellar. Living the maritime tradition summed up in a dish prepared by expert hands, that will delight the palate of those who can savor it all the way down to its very essence.

All this can not be just a dream, but a reality coming true every day. Choosing the Restaurant Baia del Silenzio, among the best seaside restaurants in Sestri Levante, means to enjoy a sublime experience, during which all senses will be satisfied. Each bite will bring with it the scent of the sea, the beautiful landscape, the whispering of the waves, the taste of tradition. Being tempted by menu's dishes prepared by our Chef in a breathtaking location is the best gift that our guests can get. Every dish that comes out of our kitchens contains a secret ingredient: a bit of the love that we reserve to our land.

A dinner by candlelight, a special occasion, an important meeting, will be made memorable by our staff always ready to meet any request.

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